New Year, New Projects

The year 2017 has started off fast and I can barely keep track of the changes that have already occurred in my personal life and the sociopolitical world around me. Turmoil and unrest has inspired me to push past my reservations and start the many projects I've dreamed of. There's no better way to communicate with my community than to share my thoughts and moods symbolized by my artwork, and I find that dialog is more important than ever before.

This website is here to document my process working in public spaces and adopting new ways of creating. I'm building a mural commission to spearhead a large painting project, which will put me in communication with other artists for the first time in years. Clothing is a new mode of producing my work, and I'm currently tackling a commissioned piece while releasing new designs for the site. It's also exciting to display my work in one place, as it is usually being sent across the country to old friends and family. I rarely keep a piece for more than a week before its off to a new home. 

I recently worked with filmmaker Timmy Lodhi to document part of my painting process. While interviewing with him for his series Beneath the Surface, I found I was able to communicate the emotional process of painting that I don't often share. Talking with a fellow artist was cathartic and it reminded me of how precious the artists in my life are. I hope this website can spark more of those conversations, as I have so much to learn from those around me.